Commissioned Design and Printing 
The Artichoke Press produces award-winning commissioned work for individuals, universities, libraries, bibliophiles, book clubs, fine-art publishers, and artists. We design and print everything from cards to large-format books.
Some books designed and produced
 for clients at The Artichoke Press

Our letterpresses can produce a range of sizes from small cards to 32-inch folios. All work is done in our own studios.

A large collection of historical foundry types, as well as in-house computer imagesetting and platemaking, give us great flexibility in design and production.

A few examples of the many cards, broadsides and
 pamphlets we have produced for various clients
We also create books and other items using offset and digital printing, and design and execute custom bindings. Let us find a beautiful solution for your printing project.
Books for bibliophiles and collectors
created at our press 
Please contact us to discuss your fine-printing needs.
Call us at (650) 969-4110, or email to
We regularly produce certificates and awards
for dignitaries and world leaders

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