Forthcoming in 2024

Poem by Enrico Santí
Paintings by Lydia Rubio
Artichoke Editions announces the publication of Talismans/Talismanes, a bilingual English-Spanish book by two renowned Cuban-Americans, author Enrico Mario Santí and artist Lydia Rubio. Santí’s four-part poem is an elegy to his friend the late composer Aurelio de la Vega, a text richly imaginative and in a voice that is the poet’s own.
Four paintings by Lydia Rubio spread radiantly across double pages; like the poem, they correspond to the four classical elements—Air, Earth, Fire, Water—and the four seasons, with their associated words and symbols.
Talismans is a collaboration of poetry, music, painting and printing that seeks to provide, in the words of Enrico Mario Santí, “not only an adventure in visual pleasure, but a journey into spiritual well-being.”

Talismans was designed, printed and bound by Jonathan L. Clark at The Artichoke Press. The text, set in Wolpe Pegasus type, is ­printed by letterpress in three colors on Somerset rag paper; the images are reproduced by archival inkjet. The book measuring 10x11 inches is bound in printed paper boards with linen spine. Select copies include an original painting by Lydia Rubio. The edition consists of 50 signed copies: 12 each for poet and artist, and 26 for sale by the publisher. Forthcoming Summer 2024.


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